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About Us

The Texas Association for Symphony Orchestras (TASO) is composed of twenty-three member organizations, each of which is a volunteer organization dedicated to the financial support of its own respective orchestra. The organization is guided by a twenty-five member governing board and thirty-three member state board. Additional support for the organization is provided by its twenty-seven affiliates and patrons (non-voting members).

All member organizations pay annual dues of $125.

Board meetings are held in June, September, and January. Each spring, a different member organization hosts the annual conference. This affords all the member organizations the opportunity to see different cities, orchestras, and volunteers. Each member organization is eligible to apply for the opportunity to present projects in communications and technology, education, fundraising, or leadership & service at the annual conference. Member organizations may also nominate businesses, patrons, legislators, and volunteers for the Award of Excellence. These awards are given annually, and are presented at the spring conference.